Most Haunted Season 23 Episode 3

S23E3 Antwerp Mansion

Antwerp Mansion (S23E3) is the Third episode of season 23 of "Most Haunted" released on Friday January 25, 2019 on Really (5 months ago).

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Please, please please, if these guys try and get a second comeback series commissioned, place it in the slot it truly deserves -- the trash can. I mean seriously there is so much swearing which gets bleeped out and screaming that it just becomes ridiculous. .. And, quite what a completely unknown so-called Rock band were doing there as "Special Guests" completely mystified me Amateurish and downright boring. Many times and all i get as a viewer is constant close ups of silly presenter faces, i wonder if they actually point the camera elsewhere other than each others close up we the viewer might actually see something, i do understand how important it is for them to show their faces on tv "but come on" at least 90% of each program is their silly faces, all they do is video each other blocking 95% of what is around them..


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