Most Haunted Season 23 Episode 10

S23E10 Guy's Cliffe House (Part 2)

Guy's Cliffe House (Part 2) (S23E10) is the Tenth episode of season 23 of "Most Haunted" released on Friday March 15, 2019 on Really (4 months ago).

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No medium, no paranormal investigator, no historian, no new (or even old) technology - NOTHING! .. And, quite what a completely unknown so-called Rock band were doing there as "Special Guests" completely mystified me I can't believe what I'm doing. Carl or stuart fainting, lots of screaming, too many people making far too much background noise and no scientific equipment to back up the claims of a 'cold feeling' or claims of a voice heard. It's as though Yvette has learned NOTHING from her previous outings.


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