iZombie Season 3 Episode 9

S3E9 Twenty-Sided, Die

Twenty-Sided, Die (S3E9) is the Ninth episode of season Three of "iZombie" released on Tuesday May 30, 2017 on The CW (4 years ago). This episode got 775 Facebook reactions and 315 tweets during the month of the release.

Directed by Jason Bloom.

Featured guest appearances from Ella Cannon, Steve Baran, Jason Dohring, Tongayi Chirisa, Jessica Harmon.

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Fan Buzz

We have zombies, ghosts, mummies, were creatures, vampires. "... The only storyline that's kinda boring me right now is Major's. I love that the evil corporation is a posh/hipster/gourmet shop that delivers fancy brain dishes... Anyways, the comic book is really good.

Episode Recap

O. M. Goodness. I never expected Bozzio to return, and I never expected Boss to return. And now — boom!Russian report: whatever phrases I saw on those blueprints seemed surprisingly accurate. OK, maybe a professional physicist would rip those to shreds, but to me they looked quite believable. The title on the right said "Water-water nuclear reactor", the big label in the <...> - by DouxReviews [Panda]


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