iZombie Season 3 Episode 6

S3E6 Some Like It Hot Mess

Some Like It Hot Mess (S3E6) is the Sixth episode of season Three of "iZombie" released on Tuesday May 09, 2017 on The CW (4 years ago).

Directed by Enrico Colantoni.

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Fan Buzz

Nice twists. Yeah, I think I'm a little in love with iZombie. With perhaps the occasional recurring bad guy such as the CEO of Max Raver (fictional energy drink company and plot device) Vaughn Du Clark (Steven Weber) who comes across as a very smug laid back apathetic businessman with a bit of promise hinted at here and there, so we will see if he is fleshed out more in season 2. How wrong was I, but... The good guys, the bad guys...

Episode Recap

This episode Liv has to eat the brain of a girl who everyone considered a hot mess. During that time, she was completely irritating and intolerable. While in the morgue, Ravi is confronted by Don E to <...> - according to We Live Entertainment [Ashley Menzel]

Oh, and one other thing. Who stole the cure — there is a third possibility. Fillmore-Graves Enterprises. Remember: they mentioned the cure in front of that Major's friend who got him to the <...> - per DouxReviews [Panda]


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