iZombie Season 3 Episode 12

S3E12 Looking for Mr. Goodbrain (1)

Looking for Mr. Goodbrain (1) (S3E12) is the Twelfth episode of season Three of "iZombie" released on Tuesday June 20, 2017 on The CW (4 years ago).

Directed by Michael Fields.

Featured guest appearances from Ella Cannon, Fran├žoise Yip, Jason Dohring.

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Ravi's ex-boss and lover Katty turns up dead, and Liv consumes her brain to learn how she died. She soon finds herself dealing with visions of Katty and Ravi being intimate, as well as Katty's impulse to pick up strange men at hotel bars. Meanwhile, Major is outed as a human, and Baracus makes Peyton a job offer.

Episode Recap

I was feeling the ghost of Veronica Mars all over the episode, with blond Liv, with her voiceover all over the bar scenes and of course Logan popped onto the screen just as I was thinking about it. <...> - according to DouxReviews [Panda]

Liv and Justin finally have “the talk” about what they are and decide they are a couple. Despite this, the pull of the brain that Liv is on is too strong, and she ends up sleeping with <...> - via We Live Entertainment [Ashley Menzel]


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