iZombie Season 3 Episode 10

S3E10 Return of the Dead Guy

Return of the Dead Guy (S3E10) is the Tenth episode of season Three of "iZombie" released on Tuesday June 06, 2017 on The CW (4 years ago).

Directed by Viet Nguyen.

Featured guest appearances from Ella Cannon, Tongayi Chirisa.

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Peyton convinces Liv to eat some of Weckler's blue brain to learn how he died. Meanwhile, Boss pays Blaine a visit, and the truthers have Ravi keep Don E sedated until they're ready to show the world that he's a zombie.

Episode Recap

I guess there is a lot at play here, but I will be suprised if the whole Weckler deal is ment to cover for Barracus and is organized by Fillmore-Graves. I bet Weckler agreed to the murder to save his daughter from some illness (by zombiefication) or something like that.I like that they got rid of the case of the week this time. Let's hope the end of the season will be more of the same. :) <...> - per DouxReviews [Panda]


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