Insecure Season 2 Episode 8

S2E8 Hella Perspective

Hella Perspective (S2E8) is the Eighth episode of season Two of "Insecure" released on Sunday September 10, 2017 on HBO (3 years ago).

Directed by Melina Matsoukas.

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Not all of the writing is perfect and the show is not without its flaws but by episode four I thought it had found its feet well and had me fully engaged. , Issa Rae's breakthrough online series, the story was narrated n part through Voice Over which is traditionally frowned upon even though it worked well in successful programs like Sex in the City and frankly worked fantastically in ABG. We are allowed inside Issa's head and can feel her insecurities, the doubts that make her second guess herself and act, often, foolishly. The characters all come off as immature people who never left high school mentally even long after becoming working professionals. Amusing though it was for me as a man, to see a show where the male cast had their bums out as often as possible and the girls tactfully always kept their pants on during sex scenes (Strip club scene not included) so Female Producers = maximum male butt shots, but hey my other half wasn't complaining plus I am sure this will result in a large gay fanbase for the men!

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Then to add more drama to the mix, for reasons not gone into, I guess so he’d have a hard time spotting them, Ninny told Massa to chop off one of Zeke’s <...> - according to Wherever I Look [Amari Sali] <...> - according to Cosmopolitan [Cate Young]


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