Insecure Season 2 Episode 6

S2E6 Hella Blows

Hella Blows (S2E6) is the Sixth episode of season Two of "Insecure" released on Sunday August 27, 2017 on HBO (3 years ago). This episode got 406 Facebook reactions and 346 tweets during the month of the release.

Directed by Kevin Bray.

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There is not a single character on the show that isn't a black stereotype to some degree. Amusing though it was for me as a man, to see a show where the male cast had their bums out as often as possible and the girls tactfully always kept their pants on during sex scenes (Strip club scene not included) so Female Producers = maximum male butt shots, but hey my other half wasn't complaining plus I am sure this will result in a large gay fanbase for the men! While no doubt the setting might be more familiar to those living in LA from the neighbourhoods in which it was set, I found that had little relevance in my ability to enjoy the show. The trials and tribulations of Issa (Issa Rae) made for some hilarious and great dramatic television on par if not better than typical half-hour HBO comedies. So the scene is set for both girls to self sabotage their relationships and indeed their own friendship while looking for true love.

Episode Recap <...> - per Paste Magazine [Abbey White] <...> - by AV Club [Ashley Ray-Harris] <...> - by Cosmopolitan [Cate Young]

Issa’s ho-tation is out of whack. Eddie got someone and seems to be pursuing being exclusive with her. Daniel is working and isn’t at her beck and Call, and Nico wants to date for real. He isn’t <...> - according to Wherever I Look [Amari Sali]


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