Insecure Season 2 Episode 3

S2E3 Hella Open

Hella Open (S2E3) is the Third episode of season Two of "Insecure" released on Sunday August 06, 2017 on HBO (3 years ago).

Directed by Marta Cunningham.

Featured guest appearance from Samantha Cope.

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Fan Buzz

Loving this spin off can't wait to see more. The scenarios are endless because this character has so much unmined territory. I am hoping this will change the dynamics of how African women are perceived both personally and professionally. then there is a scene at work where someone has been asked to marry. A whole crowd of people (primarily male) gather around expectantly hanging on every word of what the proposer said and how it was done.

Episode Recap <...> - per Black Nerd Problems [Izetta Nicole] <...> - according to Cosmopolitan [Cate Young] <...> - by Decider [Erika Ramirez]

She wonders if all he may see her as is a check mark. Not a human being, much less a Black woman who got her own check list, never mind some issues attached, but a check mark. So, with that in mind, <...> - via Wherever I Look [Amari Sali]


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