Humans Season 3 Episode 5

S3E5 Episode 5

Episode 5 (S3E5) is the Fifth episode of season Three of "Humans" released on Thursday June 14, 2018 on Channel 4 (5 months ago).

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While Sam reels from the events of Waltringham and Joe struggles to help him through it, truths are revealed and dangerous plans put into action at the Railyard.

Episode Recap

Real feeling was missing from Anatole’s perplexing shift. Until now, he’s been a stalwart in Max’s camp, offering empathetic counsel and support. Why the decision to reopen the gates following Mia and Laura’s progress would convince Anatole that Max was an unfit leader is hard to fathom. Only last week, Anatole disarmed Agnes. Now, he’s sending her on a mission of his own? Is Stanley a <...> - by Den of Geek [Louisa Mellor]

Mattie is going to jail ya’ll. But hey, at least in the process of doing so, there was a call out dealing with how few women there are in STEM. Plus, it isn’t clear when the shoe may drop but at the very least Mattie will not only get to experience friendship but friendship with another woman in the process. That’ll be nice for her right? Though, what really has me confused is Stanley’s <...> - by Wherever I Look [Amari Sali]


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