Humans Season 3 Episode 4

S3E4 Episode 4

Air Date: Thursday Jun 07, 2018 on Channel 4.

Episode audience rating: 8.2*.

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Episode Recap

With the hope that Joe, Karen and Sam might become a new family now dashed, Joe has to protect Sam from suffering Karen’s fate. If the Hawkins family—robot adultery aside—knows anything, it knows the right moral course to take. And if Joe doesn’t realise that yet, then his kids can always teach him. When Joe chose Waltringham, he thought he was choosing safety. His motives were <...> - by Den of Geek [Louisa Mellor]

While Niska killers the bomber who took part in the terrorist attack, so leads Niska to seeking out either the rest of the organization of the synth who doesn’t sleep. And while that happens, Mattie and Leo agree upon, since a brown kid is about to take the fall for Day Zero, redirecting the police investigation to London to protect the kid. While, based off promo I saw for the AMC premiere of <...> - by Wherever I Look [Amari Sali]


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