How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 Episode 7

S5E7 I Got Played

I Got Played (S5E7) is the Seventh episode of season Five of "How to Get Away with Murder" released on Thursday November 08, 2018 on ABC (10 days ago). This episode got 926 Facebook reactions and 355 tweets.

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Connor and Oliver attempt to secure a church for their wedding to appease their moms. Meanwhile, Annalise and Nate continue their quest for justice in the face of endless obstacles and grave circumstances, and Annalise begins to doubt the governor's dedication to her cause,

Episode Recap

Tegan believed Annalise about Birkhead and got dirt on Carver and his misconduct. Meanwhile, Oliver had that night out that he wanted. Annalise confronted Carver and instead of blackmailing him, she offered to help him fight it. Connor fought a man who called him and Oliver a gay slur. Michaela snuggled up with Asher before heading next door To Gabriel for whatever reason. She was skeptical of his motives but eventually gave in to him. Annalise and Nate vowed to work together to fight Birkhead and make her suffer. Meanwhile, Bonnie walked in on Frank and Laurel watching Gabriel and Michaela and arguing about Gabriel. For the students, Annalise kept cancelling class. She wanted Birkhead to launch an inquiry into Nate Sr.’s death. but Birkhead was stonewalling her, dismissing her claim <...> - by keithlovesmovies [Keith Noakes]


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