Hoarders Season 8 Episode 14

S8E14 Maggie & Ann

Maggie & Ann (S8E14) is the Fourteenth episode of season Eight of "Hoarders" released on Sunday March 27, 2016 on A&E (4 years ago). This episode got 692 Facebook reactions and 191 tweets during the month of the release.

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I want to believe things get better for them so I'd like to see more on that side when people do make a good turn. The thing I see most in each episodes of this series is lost time and missed opportunities. My in law was upset because all of his business receipts had been thrown out by my husband and his other sons and I collected what was remained and placed them into files marked, 1979, etc. He was so upset but now they are settling down with some resentment to "where did everything I think it has to do with the war & depression when people lost everything and had no jobs nor money. One guy really irritates me (I cant remember his name).


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