Gruen Season 10 Episode 7

S10E7 Hair Loss & Online Shopping Wars

Hair Loss & Online Shopping Wars (S10E7) is the Seventh episode of season Ten of "Gruen" released on Wednesday June 13, 2018 on ABC (10 months ago). This episode got 581 Facebook reactions and 328 tweets during the month of the release.

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Compelling and strangely addicting, Gruen, a show about advertising, on the only network without advertising is the only advertising that you will want to watch. I Love This Show Its A Pity It Only Runs 9 Episodes A Year Except This Year It Ran A 4 Week Spin-Off Called "Gruen Nation" Where They Take The P! A show with this many boffins could easily have bogged down, taken itself way too seriously and quietly slipped into obscurity if it wasn't for the host, Will Anderson. The Gruen Transfer (TGT) is a show about advertising, how it works, and how it works on us. There are no pay masters who will pull funding if their product is put into a bad light, no executives worried about their next pay check who will stop a segment out of fear of offending someone.


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