Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 5

S14E5 Danger Zone

Danger Zone (S14E5) is the Fifth episode of season Fourteen of "Grey's Anatomy" released on Thursday October 26, 2017 on ABC (4 years ago).

Directed by Cecilie A. Mosli.

Featured guest appearance from Caleb Foote.

Official Trailer / Fan Reaction Video via Youtube

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Fan Buzz

How could he not like where Derek is going Arizona lost a leg in a plane crash. Who is writing this show now Has anyone noticed that we haven't met Derek's fourth sister yet Callie was wronged and Aroizona is more of bully.

Episode Recap

As much as what I really wanted was for those two to end up together, it’s a fascinating story that they came into each other’s lives when they did, and that Meredith was able to be a part of his life in that moment — and to be able to help, both practically and emotionally. What happens with her isn’t out of character in the slightest. This is exactly how we should imagine <...> - via Tell-Tale TV [Ashley Bissette Sumerel]


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