Ghost Adventures Season 14 Episode 9

S14E9 Witches in Magna

Witches in Magna (S14E9) is the Ninth episode of season Fourteen of "Ghost Adventures" released on Saturday July 01, 2017 on Travel Channel (3 years ago).

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WTG, Nick Aaron needs to join you. And the drewry house is creepy as he'll.... Blessings! U r hurting.. I watch this show all the like the different places these guys go and the history behind some of the places they only thing I don't like is the way Josh treats Aaron at gets on him for some things he may say or when he drops something does this right in front of all the people watching this know I'm not the only one that notices has made me so mad at times for the way he treats Aaron I have turned the show feel sorry for Aaron at times and wonder why he allows Josh to say some of the things he does to him and even screams at act like a bully at times and need to lighten up on Aaron after all he is your friend and you never talk to Nick the way you do him at times.


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