Ghost Adventures Season 14 Episode 8

S14E8 Upper Fruitland Curse

Upper Fruitland Curse (S14E8) is the Eighth episode of season Fourteen of "Ghost Adventures" released on Saturday June 24, 2017 on Travel Channel (3 years ago).

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Awesome camera work not found on similar shows. Is that the reason they capture more evidence I just find it weird that i had never known this place existed but yet i had dreamed about it i rate this show a 9 for the entertainment and the historical backgrounds on it :) Zak stop being so bossy seems like you are always picking on Aaron and given him the suck assignment him or nick in the beginning of the show broadcast it was a better show now you're being to bossy which takes away from the show mellow out man smoke a bowl of some of that good California weed before you shoot a show that way you won't be filling yourself so much nice new car, I'm a fan of the show and a fan of all you guys continue success guys. Do you really think spirits are going to show themselves to idiots like these guys


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