Ghost Adventures Season 14 Episode 5

S14E5 Silent Movie Theater

Silent Movie Theater (S14E5) is the Fifth episode of season Fourteen of "Ghost Adventures" released on Saturday April 22, 2017 on Travel Channel (3 years ago).

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Zak Bagins is a clown who has the preteen girls squealing. Next, comes the investigation, which is done in a way that is completely realistic. He may be the host, but he is most definitely not a star in my book. Also, like the one I watched today he's demanding Aaron do what he says, because he's too scared to do it himself. The guys are humble, sincere, and very natural, showing their fear when it is appropriate and their excitement when they make contact and have been doing this long enough to where they are very easy on camera and with each other giving the viewers a valid and authentic experience of spirit communication and existence.


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