Get Even Season 1 Episode 6

S1E6 Get A Clue

Get A Clue (S1E6) is the Sixth episode of season One of "Get Even" released on Saturday February 15, 2020 on BBC iPlayer (about a year ago).

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Bree gets benched, Ronny's memorial gig prompts many to seize the day and a suspect makes their way to the top of DGM's list.

Episode Recap

It’s especially reasonable since in “Get A Clue” we learn that DGM is evidently a known entity to the coppers – Bree is asked outright if she’s a member, and it’s only with the timely arrival of her father that she’s able to leave custody and return to her cohorts, who’re interested to learn what happened. They decide to lay low, which seems wise. It’s the origami crane that is <...> - per ReadySteadyCut [Jonathon Wilson]


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