Get Even Season 1 Episode 3

S1E3 Get It Together

Get It Together (S1E3) is the Third episode of season One of "Get Even" released on Saturday February 15, 2020 on BBC iPlayer (about a year ago). This episode got 971 Facebook reactions and 363 tweets during the month of the release.

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Shocking news shakes the students of Bannerman to their core. Could DGM be in the frame for a terrible crime they didn't commit?

Episode Recap

The pressure is immediately felt. Detectives are milling around. Olivia is shunned by Amber and brought before the principal. She has no alibi for 8pm onwards, and we later learn that Bree wasn’t wearing gloves when she broke into Ronny’s house. This is problem with amateur vigilantism, I suppose – it isn’t exactly a sophisticated operation. Even with the mystery heating up, there are <...> - via ReadySteadyCut [Jonathon Wilson]


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