Gator Boys Season 3 Episode 9

S3E9 Deathgrip

Deathgrip (S3E9) is the Ninth episode of season Three of "Gator Boys" released on Sunday March 10, 2013 on Animal Planet (7 years ago).

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It's rare to see a show that actually aims to inform the audience about something, hosted by honest and real people who want to get the news of their cause and public service out. They really should get their brand on, and market GB merchandise with hats like Jimmys', t-shirts, coffee cups, etc to help fund their majestic mission. Why this show barely has a 6. Paul and Jimmy, world-class gator wrestlers, carefully and patiently handle the animals with their bare hands, using a delicate and precise method to wear the gators out and safely haul them off without anyone getting hurt. Just watching Paul affectionately calling a recently-captured gator "Bubba" and gently lifting it off the ground after it tried to kill him, you can really see that he understands this animal like it's another human being, and holds it in the same high regard.


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