Food: Fact or Fiction? Season 4 Episode 9

S4E9 Santa's Sweet Tooth

Santa's Sweet Tooth (S4E9) is the Ninth episode of season Four of "Food: Fact or Fiction?" released on Thursday December 06, 2018 on Cooking Channel (6 months ago).

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This series is what got me into Chris Isaak's music. But since they're playing people named Chris, Kenney, Rowland and Herschel, maybe it came easier. The wacky musician cameos (Bret Michaels, Blake Shelton, Gloria Estefan) where the artists played themselves and got to poke a little fun at themselves in the process were always fun to watch. It follows the life of Chris Isaak (played by Chris Isaak) and his band, Silvertone (played by Silvertone, with the exception of actor Jed Rees playing the fictional Anson). Very funny young man!


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