Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 5

S5E5 The End of Everything

The End of Everything (S5E5) is the Fifth episode of season Five of "Fear the Walking Dead" released on Sunday June 30, 2019 on AMC (7 months ago).

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This show has made me interested in zombie shows again. Was for gory instead of bloody like i was dreaming for it to be the 1st TV series to scary. "What was the deal with [neighbor, principal, Nick's friend] This was a different tone and tempo and it was working. It's now basically just the Walking Dead and initially let down that this was the last episode I am no longer really looking forward the next season.

Episode Recap

This all leads to a predictably sexless smooch, and a rather silly shot of Al and Isabel quite literally going their separate ways. But the path to get there incorporates a rock slide and a mountain climb, with the upper hand switching back and forth as both women learn more about each other and their respective intentions. For all its downsides — and “The End of Everything” wasn’t totally <...> - via ReadySteadyCut [Jonathon Wilson]

Early on, Al’s recording was a neat character trait, but it’s become an annoying crutch that’s devolved to being a storyline monkey wrench. Her pursuit of the truth and wanting to tell stories is fine and all, but not when it comes at recklessly putting others at risk. It’s not like she’s going to cobble together some Emmy award story that’s going to change the <...> - via Lyles Movie Files [Jeffrey Lyles]


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