Elementary Season 6 Episode 6

S6E6 Give Me the Finger

Give Me the Finger (S6E6) is the Sixth episode of season Six of "Elementary" released on Monday June 04, 2018 on CBS (about a year ago).

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On the other hand, she is Lucy Liu. No savaging this show that was so brilliant. We loved this as it show's exactly how much Holmes values Watson as a partner and friend, and it also let's us see how far he has come in being a warmer and more personable character, Holmes seeing his best friend in emotional turmoil brings her food and insists he is there to talk should she require it. I like Sherlock, but I love Elementary. I have no idea of the ratings for it in the but my guess is judging by how this episode ended the makers of the show weren't taking any chances and gave it an ending.


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