Elementary Season 6 Episode 19

S6E19 The Geek Interpreter

The Geek Interpreter (S6E19) is the Nineteenth episode of season Six of "Elementary" released on Monday September 03, 2018 on CBS (10 months ago). This episode got 844 Facebook reactions and 272 tweets during the month of the release.

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Fan Buzz

I love the fact they are very clear on the point that Holmes and Watson are just friends and not a hint of "shipping" when you have a male and a female partner. The WORST part of this show is the OVER use of the word "ACTUALLY"!! Lucy always looks great, doesn't dress like nor act like a tramp, and John is not a self centered pompous ass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He/she should not be able to overstep or, in some cases, replace Sherlock. Where they failed, and should stop, is making Watson a second Sherlock.

Episode Recap

Joan pressuring Sherlock about rejecting all romantic relationships—specifically, those not with someone also known as Moriarty—seems a little sudden. The only trigger we see is Sherlock sleeping a woman to “clear his mind”. Of all the things you might imagine a fully-clothed Harlan needing help with, a missing woman probably isn’t one of them. But Harlan’s student is also prized for her mind in the wonderful world of mathematics. <...> - according to Tell-Tale TV [Caitlin Wyneken]


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