Elementary Season 6 Episode 15

S6E15 How to Get a Head

How to Get a Head (S6E15) is the Fifteenth episode of season Six of "Elementary" released on Sunday August 12, 2018 on CBS (10 months ago).

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I really love the addition of John Noble and the dynamics between him and Sherlock. I have no idea of the ratings for it in the but my guess is judging by how this episode ended the makers of the show weren't taking any chances and gave it an ending. He ia an amazing actor (I'm watching him since Fringe) and I'm looking forward to his surprises!!! Now it seems that they've recharged batteries and the episodes are intriguing, clever and full of unexpected twists once again. Probably the most underrated show on TV.

Episode Recap

I’m far from assuming the worst, but I also wouldn’t put it past the show. So keep your fingers crossed. I hate saying goodbye to a beloved character, but so long as it’s not permanent, I’m happy to wish them the best. By the time we do learn that Sherlock was right about the strange circumstances of this murder being a distraction, things are a little less cohesive, from a presumed dead person still alive to proof somehow involving a toupee. <...> - per Tell-Tale TV [Caitlin Wyneken]


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