Elementary Season 6 Episode 11

S6E11 You've Come a Long Way, Baby

You've Come a Long Way, Baby (S6E11) is the Eleventh episode of season Six of "Elementary" released on Monday July 16, 2018 on CBS (11 months ago).

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Is she trying to leave the show? Lucy Liu as Watson works great it turns out. It's poor grammar to rely on the word as well as extremely lazy, and not to mention bloody annoying. The last 3 episodes have been really good. Suddenly all of that is gone.

Episode Recap

Whenever Morland dies, Moriarty will return. At that same time, Sherlock will step into a role he may well be ill-prepared for. As his father hints, he might regret a lack of planning when the time comes. All in all, though, with the personal issues being tackled, I find myself paying less attention to the cases themselves. Perhaps the writers aren’t giving them the same attention—or perhaps it’s just me. <...> - via Tell-Tale TV [Caitlin Wyneken]


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