Dirilis: Ertugrul Season 5 Episode 27

S5E27 Episode 148

Episode 148 (S5E27) is the 27 episode of season Five of "Dirilis: Ertugrul" released on Wednesday May 15, 2019 on TRT1 (11 months ago).

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Lastly Ertugul's character was so believable and honorable in spite of his challenges that it inspired me to take more precise steps to fulfill my own purpose and path. Each actor brought realism to their role and allowed the audience to feel their emotions and experience in the role thru triumph and challenges. I spent 180 episodes on this stuff, it was enjoyable and suspenseful. Ertugrul is perfect and doesn't grow. Thoroughly recommend this series.


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S. B
S. B
10 months 20 days ago

I’ve watched all of the series. 1-5, it is a really well made program, very clever and enjoyable. There are times when it is frustrating ie when it is so obvious that the bad guy IS a bad guy and Ertugrul and his supporters cannot/will not see what is under their noses, sometimes this drags on for too many episodes and has made me skip episodes- especially in series 1 and 2- because it is too annoying. When someone is badly hurt and all that is done is to singe the wound that, sealing all the bad in, no wound irrigation or attempt to repair anything internal. I know it is historical but they were capable of more than that. A blind doctor? Get real! Somebody critically injured but within a couple of days fighting fit and in battle again? Not happening! Fight scenes? Well as if! Somebody fights and kills every opponent then gets taken out in a couple of slashes of t the sword in another scene? There is a hell of a lot that could be improved, and should be.. I enjoyed series 5 the most but was most annoyed with it too. Drogas chuckling behind a curtain like an idiot and continuously saying he’ll do this or that, the storyline dragging on and on. The pretend Drogas , your anus, had more common sense than his so called commander and very irritating! It would be so much better if the bad guy wasn’t dragged on for episode after episode getting more ridiculous all the time. I’m annoyed now because I look at what I’ve written and I’m thinking ‘why did I bother to watch as much as I have because I’ve had the same feelings each series’ ? Where you’ve strengthened in the story line in some episodes you’ve weakened them very quickly. Very good program which could be vastly improved if the storyline was tightened up and not made to look like the majority of the actors walk around with their eyes and ears closed, unable to hear or see things just a few feet from them and barely, or not, hidden, and as if only a few alps etc can fight whilst others wave their swords at somebody and they fall down dead. It’s not believable that Dragos and albasti (plus all other villains) are supreme fighters , slashing people dead in a flick of the wrist but once they fight Ertugul they suddenly can’t fight at all. I’m sorry, I realise now that I’ve wasted hours of my life watching something which has really annoyed me a lot of the time. That’s it then, I’ve watched series 5 episode 25 and realise I won’t bother with the rest because I’ve spent a lot of that wasted time saying “what the hell?” Or “for christ sake!” and many swear words when so much stupidity happens repeatedly