DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 10

S2E10 The Legion of Doom

The Legion of Doom (S2E10) is the Tenth episode of season Two of "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" released on Tuesday January 31, 2017 on The CW (3 years ago). This episode got 449 Facebook reactions and 230 tweets during the month of the release.

Directed by Eric Laneuville.

Featured guest appearances from Neal McDonough, Christina Brucato, John Barrowman, Randall Batinkoff.

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Fan Buzz

This is a story of an actual TEAM each with their own formidable skills where the writers are able to strike a rare balance where no single character monopolizes the narrative nor does the focus spread so thin that there is no depth. I really wanted to like this show, but the plot holes and writing are just terrible. The extreme overacting reminds me of the old Batman TV Show, just without the humor. This show will have high expectations though and for the sake of CW I hope it does well. With all of time & space to play in, this show really ought to be amazing, as a standard!

Episode Recap

http://lylesmoviefiles.com/2017/02/07/legends-of-tomorrow-the-legion-of-doom-review/ <...> - via Lyles' Movie Files [Jeffrey Lyles]

The opening to this episode almost reminded for a second of the Buffy episode, "Superstar." I love that Legends is becoming a show that doesn't take itself too seriously and can parody <...> - according to DouxReviews [Billie Doux]

The episode starts with Damien Darhk narrating the intro about how he met his two fellas and why do want the Spear of Destiny. Unfortunately, they are not even close to the spear since they lost the <...> - by keithlovesmovies [David Pataki]

Season two has been struggling to find its stride. However, now that Hunter has been returned (more or less) into the mix things have been looking up. At first, it looked like Legends were about to be <...> - by FilmBook [Eming Piansay]


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