Dateline on ID Season 9 Episode 27

S9E27 Something Sweet

Something Sweet (S9E27) is the 27 episode of season Nine of "Dateline on ID" released on Sunday July 10, 2016 on Investigation Discovery (4 years ago).

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And if there was one reason I never wanted to bring children up in this world, this would be it! What's worse, is these pathetic stalkers, have children of their own. I'm in an uproar about this. There should be a new show called "To Catch a Person Watching 'to catch a predator'" where people stupid enough to watch this show are caught live on camera, interrogated for 20 minutes as to why, and then subdued and cuffed with a shock collar that triggers every time they come within 20 feet of a Nielson's rating box. GIMME A BREAK!!!!!!!!


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