Critical Role Season 8 Episode 16

S8E16 Episode 115 – The Chapter Closes

Episode 115 – The Chapter Closes (S8E16) is the Sixteenth episode of season Eight of "Critical Role" released on Thursday October 12, 2017 on twitch (about a year ago).

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Well done... Truly, one of a kind. Kristanna Loken (Taja) and Tracy Douglas (Vorpax) both act well throughout the series and have made an impact on the series itself. I, and most of the people my age I know, considered it a great series, with cool special effects, nice approach to the Mortal Kombat Universe (which we knew pretty well) and intersting plot, until the final episode aired. We were very disappionted by the ending, and considered it lousy, just put there out of place, leaving many unanswered questions.


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