Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 14

S13E14 Miasma

Miasma (S13E14) is the Fourteenth episode of season Thirteen of "Criminal Minds" released on Wednesday January 31, 2018 on CBS (5 years ago).

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Just end the show. I'm surprised it took more than one or two auditions before they gave him the gig for CM. I used to love when he was part of the team, but now it's become monotonous and ridiculous! What is so interesting about Matt Gubler is, I knew in real life he would be very similar to Spencer Reid - that he would be highly intelligent, very well educated, a bit shy and awkward until called upon to unravel a mystery or solve a complex puzzle. Almost everyone in my family watch this show except my father who thinks cop shows are brainwashing people I told him this isn't a cop show but, regular cop shows like the CSI francise and the NCIS francise are great too.


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