Car Matchmaker Season 2 Episode 9

S2E9 Band on the Run

Band on the Run (S2E9) is the Ninth episode of season Two of "Car Matchmaker" released on Wednesday August 19, 2015 on Esquire Network (4 years ago).

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Great show, Spike! Spike also takes into consideration whether or not the car will be leased, and to my surprise when I first saw it, he also offers late model used cars and trucks as an alternative to something new and staying on budget. I couldn't really relate to a chef who had a $140K budget for a car, but the other 5 episodes I've watched I've taped to watch again as my son comes home for Christmas. I'm pretty good about listening to each car Buyer summing up what they like about the cars they drove, and yet I still haven't gotten one right! After they meet and he gets an idea of what they want, then he next takes them to some kind of venue that specifically highlights the car of choice.


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