Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 10

S6E10 Gintars

Gintars (S6E10) is the Tenth episode of season Six of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" released on Thursday March 14, 2019 on NBC (12 days ago).

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Fan Buzz

The show has potential because it has some top grade actors on it, but they seem to want to only showcase MR. Best show that i've seen in a while. One of my favorite comedies right now. I appreciate the effort but it's just not funny. While I will not be watching this again, I have a feeling this will probably make it due to the younger (under 25) viewers.

Episode Recap

This is a smart A-plot, as it allows the perennially second-fiddle-playing Charles to bask in some dramatic limelight, and it also prevents Jake’s do-gooderism from becoming too uncomplicated. Wanting to do the right thing all the time is admirable, but <...> - by ReadySteadyCut [Jonathon Wilson]

Eyebrows are the most expressive part of a face. So, Terry’s ridiculous eyebrow iterations, from fully shaved, to clown-like blocks, enhance the communication on Terry’s face and in turn enhance the hilarity.  I prefer a stoic Rosa who delivers <...> - by Tell-Tale TV [Janelle McCammack]

Jake’s plan to get rid of Gintars was to catch him on tape admitting that he was selling counterfeit goods so he would get deported. His plan to do it at a bath house failed when he refused to remove his towel. However, his excuse for not doing so created <...> - by keithlovesmovies [Keith Noakes]


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