Beverly Hills Pawn Season 2 Episode 10

S2E10 Sinatra & the Super Bowl

Sinatra & the Super Bowl (S2E10) is the Tenth episode of season Two of "Beverly Hills Pawn" released on Wednesday January 29, 2014 on REELZ (6 years ago).

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This maybe the most unrealistic reality show on TV. One last point- Cory may not beat Aria in a beauty contest but when it comes to personality she is way ahead. Its a good lesson for shallow men that you should choose personality over looks! Its a little 'blingy' and 'plasticy' for some but the items are generally interesting and not all guns and junk like in Pawn Stars. The taller bimbo has no attractiveness unless you like hair-loss foreheads, Each are impossibly made up, with too tight skirts unless they are selling massages on the side This is not the Kardashians or even staged people from Alaska , It is a fine half-hour escape showing stuff really on the market in Beverly Hills.


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