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Ellie Undercover

Ellie Undercover is British Documentary TV series. Produced by Popkorn. Stars: Ellie Flynn. It debuted on Feb 28, 2018, on BBC Three.


How Many Seasons Ellie Undercover Has: 1 (4 episodes)

Season 2

BBC Three

Season 1

Season premieres on February 28, 2018

BBC Three, 4 episodes

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Ellie Undercover Show Time

Ellie Undercover is on BBC Three (United Kingdom) Wednesdays at 6 pm

Last episode:

Season 1 Episode 4 () - Air Date: May 08, 2019 (2 months ago)

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Ellie Undercover: Secrets of the Multi-Level Millionaires - BBC1 - What's On TV - by Whatsontv

Because they are so new, and are operating under the radar of authorities racing to catch up, multilevel marketing companies are sidestepping the sort of regulation that applies to companies working in the mainstream.

Undercover BBC Three documentary Ellie Undercover: The Botox Bust exposes the ugly side of the beauty industry - The Sun - by Thesun

She tells me: “You can actually go blind from bad Botox. “The beautician didn’t ask me if I have any allergies. You could go into shock — like with a peanut allergy — everything can swell up and it can be life-threatening.


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