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Eleven Little Roosters

Eleven Little Roosters is American Comedy TV series. Created by Josh Flanagan. Produced by Rooster Teeth Productions. Stars: Barbara Dunkelman, Gavin Free, Geoff Ramsey. It debuted on Jan 16, 2017, on Rooster Teeth. The series has 7.7 * rating by IMDb. Eleven Little Roosters is filmed in USA.


How Many Seasons Of Eleven Little Roosters Is There: 1 (8 episodes)

Season 2

Rooster Teeth

Season 1

Season premieres on January 16, 2017

Rooster Teeth, 8 episodes

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When Does Eleven Little Roosters Come On

Eleven Little Roosters is on Rooster Teeth (United States) Mondays at 6 pm

Last episode:

Season 1 Episode 8 (Mission Critical) - Air Date: Mar 06, 2017 (3 years ago)

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Rooster Teeth's The Eleven Little Roosters - The Mary Sue - via Themarysue

It’s no secret that Rooster Teeth fans are passionate. The company has amassed dedicated supporters who’ve helped them produce numerous web series, a crowd-funded feature film and two conventions—RTX Austin and RTX Sydney. That’s pretty impressive considering the company began with a group of guys dubbing over Halo gameplay. The Eleven Little Roosters, the follow up to the murder mystery The Ten Little Roosters, is the latest addition to their packed lineup and features a standalone storyline so newcomers and veterans alike can join in on the fun.


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