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Eat, Shop, Save

Eat, Shop, Save is British Documentary TV series. Produced by Shiver. Stars: Ranvir Singh, Dale Pinnock, Gemma Godfrey. It debuted on Jul 13, 2017, on ITV.


How Many Seasons Of Eat, Shop, Save Are Out: 2 (8 episodes)

Season 3


Season 2

Season premieres on July 26, 2018

ITV, 4 episodes

Season 1

Season premieres on July 13, 2017

ITV, 4 episodes

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Eat, Shop, Save is on ITV (United Kingdom) s at 6 pm

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S2E4 () - Air Date: Aug 16, 2018 (4 months ago)

News & Interviews

Eat, Shop, Save: The Green's - ITV News - via Itv

“These products are expensive. They’re a blessing to families who need them, however, I think there’s a bit of a craze at the moment. People think they’re trying to eat the right thing but they don’t need it.”

Eat, Shop, Save: new series starts today - ITV News - via Itv

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Eat, Shop, Save - ITV - What's On TV - via Whatsontv

‘And you can exercise any time, anywhere! My favourite is to lean against the wall and squat while brushing my teeth. When I was reporting from outside Downing Street the other day, I was doing lunges between broadcasts – Tom says if you’ve got a minute, do lunges!’

Eat, Shop, Save: The Killicks - ITV News - via Itv

Eat, Shop, Save: nutty lemongrass chicken - ITV News - via Itv

Eat, Shop, Save: creamy chicken speedy stew - ITV News - via Itv

Eat, Shop, Save: The Morris' - ITV News - via Itv

“If something’s frozen then as soon as it’s been picked it’s put straight into the frozen process. When it’s fresh into our supermarkets it has to actually go through transit and that can take a few days. Also you’re going to save cash and we can afford the luxury of having prepared fruit and vegetables.”

Eat, Shop, Save: The Williamson-Simpsons - ITV News - via Itv

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Eat, Shop, Save: Kate's shopping tips - ITV News - via Itv

TV Quickfire: Eat, Shop, Save presenter Ranvir Singh - via Irishnews

Eat, Shop, Save: The English's - via Itv


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