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Created by Simon Phillips. It premiered on Oct 01, 2018, on Amazon Prime.


How Many Seasons Dystopia Has: 1 (8 episodes)

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Season 1

Season premieres on October 1, 2018

Amazon Prime, 8 episodes

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HQ Trivia Is a Harbinger of Dystopia - The Atlantic - via Theatlantic

It would be a far leap to say that HQ allegorizes the present moment of media, politics, and civic life. But not too far. Sensation is more important than thought, intuition wins out over reason, and on online platforms anyone can subject anyone else to whatever idea they prefer, in any context. This is trivia as a measure of intrinsic merit, not of lived experience, let alone reasoned choice.

Dystopia watch: American schools are installing anti-shooter smoke cannons and bulletproof doors - Boing Boing - via Boingboing

'From Utopia to Dystopia' and Back Again: Internet Pioneer Tim Berners-Lee Calls for 'New Web' That Reclaims Original Democratic Principles - Common Dreams - via Commondreams

Bird Box Review: Netflix's Intriguing Vision Of Dystopia - UPROXX - via Uproxx

Dystopia Journal #25: Shutdown Blues | Adam Lee - Patheos - via Patheos

Feminist Dystopian Novel 'The Water Cure' Explores Reproductive Rights, Misogyny - NPR - via Npr

MACKINTOSH: I used to be a poet. So for me, having the language be beautiful is always a priority for me. And I wanted the rhythm of the language to kind of reflect the water, to reflect that timeless, kind of dreamy atmosphere. You know, it is set in the future. But it could be set 50 years ago. It does have a timeless quality to it.

5 Female-Centered Dystopian Novels To Read In 2019 - Bustle - via Bustle

Dystopia, trauma and grotesque ballet: the gut-wrenching darkness of modern circus - The Guardian - via Theguardian

LA Stories: Howard Hughes, Starlets, and Outcast Punks in Dystopia - lareviewofbooks - via Lareviewofbooks

Dystopia, Apocalypse, Culture War: 2018 or 1968? - The New York Times - via Nytimes

If “2001: A Space Odyssey” represents the pinnacle of the cinematic art circa 1968, or at least its critical adulation, “Planet of the Apes” — one of that year’s other sensations — has often been viewed as more of a light pop diversion. In “2001,” an ape-man turns a bone into a weapon, initiating a progression that traces humanity from, as it’s been described, ape to angel. In “Planet of the Apes,” humanity has blown it, surrendering the world to our primate overlords. “Planet” is the cruder science-fiction freak-out, but its vision of human de-evolution retains extraordinary power. Even decades later, I can instantly see Charlton Heston collapsing on a beach under the pitiless gaze of the Statue of Liberty as he bellows at a world that has betrayed him (us). “We finally really did it. You maniacs! You blew it up! Oh, damn you, goddamn you all to hell!” I think about that scene a lot. (M.D.)

The Importance of the Latest Netflix Dystopia - Fair Observer - via Fairobserver

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