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Dodo Heroes

Dodo Heroes is American Nature TV series. Produced by Nomadic Films. It debuted on Jun 09, 2018, on Animal Planet. The series has 9.2 * rating by IMDb.


How Many Seasons In Dodo Heroes: 2 (12 episodes)

Season 3

Animal Planet

Season 2

Season premieres on June 1, 2019

Animal Planet, 6 episodes

Season 1

Season premieres on June 9, 2018

Finale: July 14, 2018

Animal Planet, 6 episodes

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Dodo Heroes Time Period

Dodo Heroes is on Animal Planet (United States) Saturdays at 6 pm

Last episode:

Season 2 Episode 6 () - Air Date: Jul 06, 2019 (2 months ago)

News & Interviews

Animal Planet to premiere 'Dodo Heroes' globally on 15 June - via Televisionpost

Dodo Heroes marks Animal Planet’s first-ever global series launch. With each episode focusing on one inspiring and moving story of people who go to any lengths to help animals, the series will explore the personalities and emotions of both humans and animals, while highlighting their unique connection.

WATCH: 'Dodo Heroes' Introduces Viewers to Izzy, a 10-Year-Old 'Koala Whisperer' - by Tvinsider

When Ali, her husband Tim, and their 10-year-old daughter Izzy took Crikey in a year ago, Izzy turned into Crikey’s surrogate mother and helped nurse him back to health. Now, the family prepares to return Crikey to his natural habitat.

Exclusive: Animal Planet's Dodo Heroes Jan Creamer and Tim Phillips on Pepe's story and how you can help them - according to Monstersandcritics

Where, I think, Great Britain and the United States are slow is the politicians, whether it’s at the state level or whether it’s at the congressional level, taking that and driving it forward and turning it into laws. We’ve got over 40-odd countries now around the world that have introduced legislation to end this suffering.

ON THE TOWN: 'Dodo Heroes' show to feature animals with prostheses - by Mynews13

"So, Jabu (is) a 5-ton bull elephant Botswana (with a) life-threatening injury," he said. "He fell into a termite hole. He has an angular-limb deformity which is actually life-threatening because he's out in the wild all day, everyday, and there's so many threats around him," he said.


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