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Dirty Vegan

Dirty Vegan is British Food TV series. It debuted on Jan 02, 2019, on BBC One Wales. IMDb's user rating for the series is 6.4 *.


How Many Seasons Dirty Vegan Has: 1 (4 episodes)

Season 2

BBC One Wales

Season 1

Season premieres on January 2, 2019

BBC One Wales, 4 episodes

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When Does Dirty Vegan Come On

Dirty Vegan is on BBC One Wales (United Kingdom) Wednesdays at 6 pm

Last episode:

Season 1 Episode 4 (Episode 4) - Air Date: Jan 21, 2019 (6 months ago)

News & Interviews

BBC show Dirty Vegan with Matt Pritchard premieres tonight - South Wales Argus - by Southwalesargus

Dirty Vegan is a BBC documentary, starring 45-year-old Matt Pritchard - a skateboarder, stunt performer and celebrity chef who has appeared as a stuntman on Dirty Sanchez and Balls of Steel - trying to combat veganism.

Eat! Recipes by the Dirty Vegan | The Times Magazine - The Times - via Thetimes

Matt Pritchard can’t put his finger on precisely what made him rethink his career, the moment that sparked his transformation from laddish prankster to born-again vegan, but he’s pretty sure it wasn’t the time he persuaded a friend to shoot him at point-blank range with a shotgun. (He was wearing a bulletproof vest but, even so, he still bears the scars.) Nor was it when he spent a week in hospital with septicaemia having drilled a hole through his hand as a forfeit for losing a game of Trivial Pursuit.


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