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DC Super Hero Girls

DC Super Hero Girls is American Action TV series. Produced by DC Comics. Stars: Mae Whitman, Grey Griffin, Tara Strong. Also known as Super Hero Girls in Greece. It debuted on Oct 01, 2015, on YouTube. IMDb's user rating for the series is 6.1 *.


How Many Season Does DC Super Hero Girls Have: 5 (113 episodes)

Season 6


Season 5

Season premieres on August 2, 2018

YouTube, 23 episodes

Season 4

Season premieres on January 18, 2018

YouTube, 24 episodes

Season 3

2017, YouTube, 27 episodes

Season 2

2016, YouTube, 26 episodes

Season 1

2015, YouTube, 13 episodes

DC Super Hero Girls Online Stream

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DC Super Hero Girls Time

DC Super Hero Girls is on YouTube (United States) Thursdays at 6 pm

Last episode:

S5E23 (My So Called Anti Life) - Air Date: Dec 27, 2018 (4 months ago)

News & Interviews

DC Comics Changes Free Comic Book Day DC Super Hero Girls Title to All-Ages - Bleeding Cool News - via Bleedingcool

FCBD 2018 DC COMICS DC SUPER HERO GIRLS #1 (W) Shea Fontana (A/CA) Yancy Labat Featuring a chapter from the original graphic novel, DC Super Heroes: A Date with Disaster (NOV170216)! Catwoman is out on the prowl one night when – KABOOM! – an explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs rouses the heroes from their slumber. Star students Batgirl and Lois Lane both know the lab incident is fishy, and they meet later to share clues. But nothing could’ve prepared Batgirl for what they see next: Batgirl’s dad out on a date!? DC Super Hero Girls Free Comic Book Day 2018 #1 is written by Shea Fontana with art and cover by Yancey Labat. Rating: ALL-AGES

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is Going Heroic with the DC Super Hero Girls! - The Rock Father Magazine - via Therockfather

Toy Fair 2016: DC Super Hero Girls Are Going to Run the World - ComicsAlliance - via Comicsalliance

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DC Comics Gold Free Comic Book Day 2018 Title Will Be... DC Super Hero Girls - Bleeding Cool News - via Bleedingcool

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The show builds on the success of the DC Super Hero Girls direct-to-video movies and digital webisodes, which launched in 2015. Aimed at girls ages six to 12, the content features character-driven storylines that explore each superhero’s progression from first discovering her unique ability.

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DC Super Hero Girls' Villains (And Heroes) Are Just Like Us - via Cbr

So, we have some things in the show that you’ll see in the pilot that kind of explain why even though she’s still young, she refers to herself as a woman. It was like an Amazonian rite of passage. Even though she’s still young, she went through the tournament of Athena and Aphrodite and won. Therefore, she has earned the right to be called a woman even though she isn’t.

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