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Dark Matter

Dark Matter is Canadian Action TV series. Created by Joseph Mallozzi. Produced by Blue Penguin. Stars: Melissa O'Neil, Anthony Lemke, Alex Mallari Jr.. Also known as Dark Matter in Spain. It first aired on Jun 12, 2015, on Space. IMDb's user rating for the series is 7.5 *. Dark Matter is filmed in Canada.


How Many Seasons Does Dark Matter Have: 3 (39 episodes)

Season 4


Season 3

Season premieres on June 9, 2017

Finale: August 25, 2017

Space, 13 episodes

Season 2

Season premieres on July 1, 2016

Finale: September 16, 2016

Space, 13 episodes

Season 1

2015, Space, 13 episodes

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Dark Matter is on Space (Canada) Fridays at 9 pm

Last episode:

S3E13 (Nowhere to Go) - Air Date: Aug 25, 2017 (about a year ago)

News & Interviews

Another Dark Matter Search Comes Up Empty - via Forbes

McGaugh says this new paper shows that the spatial distribution of the excess radiation is distributed like the stars in the galaxy’s boxy bulge and the galaxy’s nuclear center and not like a putative, more round dark matter galactic halo. The logical inference, he says, is that if the excess gamma-ray emission is shaped like the stars and emits in proportion to the stars, it is probably something to do with the stars. Hence stellar remnants, like pulsars, are more likely to be the cause of this emission than dark matter, says McGaugh.

Mini Antimatter Accelerator Could Unravel Mysteries of Dark Matter - via Newsweek

Mini antimatter accelerator could rival the likes of the Large Hadron Collider - via Sciencedaily

Dark Matter and Energy Are Real Reveals Final Data of Planck Mission - via Interestingengineering

Oddball Galaxy Puts Dark Matter Theory to the Test - via Scientificamerican

We Just Found The Missing Matter In The Universe, And Still Need Dark Matter - via Forbes

The light from ultra-distant quasars provide cosmic laboratories for measuring not only the gas clouds they encounter along the way, but for the intergalactic medium that contains warm-and-hot plasmas outside of clusters, galaxies, and filaments. The X-ray emission from quasars enabled this newest detection by XMM-Newton.

Did Early Earth Collide With Dark Matter? 500 Million-Year-Old Minerals Could Hold Key To Ancient Encounter - via Techtimes

One Of The World's Most Sensitive Dark Matter Experiment Is Being Constructed - via Forbes

This Is How Much Dark Matter Passes Through Your Body Every Second - via Forbes

Diversifying the Dark Matter Portfolio - via Aps

For instance, there is the so-called “WIMP miracle.” Says Hooper, “We have this idea that whatever dark matter is, it was made in the Big Bang and it was maybe in equilibrium with all the normal kinds of matter that existed. Eventually, it froze out and stopped interacting with normal matter. [So] if there were a particle that had an interaction kind of like the weak nuclear force and had a certain mass, then you could do these calculations and you would find about the right amount of dark matter emerging from the universe.”

Only One Experiment Has Detected Dark Matter So Far. Now, The Plot Has Thickened - ScienceAlert - via Sciencealert

New Map of Dark Matter Breaks Scientists' Understanding of Physics - Futurism - via Futurism

New Research Sheds Light on Major Space Enigma of Dark Matter - Sputnik International - via Sputniknews

NASA Reveals How A lot Darkish Matter There Is In The Milky Method - via En

What if It's Not Dark Matter Making The Universe's Extra 'Gravity', But Light? - ScienceAlert - via Sciencealert


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