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Crimewatch Roadshow

Crimewatch Roadshow is British Crime TV series. Stars: Michelle Ackerley, Rav Wilding, Thaer Al-Shayei. It premiered on Jun 01, 2009, on BBC One.


How Many Seasons Are In Crimewatch Roadshow: 8 (153 episodes)

Season 12


Season 11

2019, BBC One

Season 10

Season premieres on June 4, 2018

Returns: March 4, 2019

Finale: March 22, 2019

BBC One, 35 episodes

Season 9

Season premieres on June 12, 2017

BBC One, 20 episodes

Season 8

2016, BBC One, 19 episodes

Season 7

2015, BBC One, 20 episodes

Season 3

2011, BBC One, 20 episodes

Season 2

2010, BBC One, 20 episodes

Season 1

2009, BBC One, 20 episodes

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What Night Is Crimewatch Roadshow On

Crimewatch Roadshow is on BBC One (United Kingdom) Mondays at 6 pm

Last episode:

S10E35 () - Air Date: Mar 22, 2019 (4 months ago)

News & Interviews

Sister of Nigel Kedar who went missing in Norfolk makes desperate plea for information on BBC's Crimewatch Roadshow - Norfolk Eastern Daily Press - by Edp24

Following the television appeal, Mr Kedar’s parents issued a statement. It said: “We love and miss you and long to be with you again, or at least know you are alright with whatever you are doing now. We love you and love conquers all. Whatever has happened, you will always be our son and we can help you, if you need it.

Michelle Ackerley: Crimewatch Roadshow Live presenter on the buzz of live TV - The Irish News - via Irishnews

Definitely. I definitely have. Also, you build up relationships with these different forces and because I've been doing it for a few years now... to have that rapport with people so they feel comfortable actually talking to you, that makes me feel less apprehensive.

Crimewatch Roadshow presenter Rav Wilding walks away from medical mysteries to train as an osteopath - The Sun - per Thesun

He said: “As someone who has had numerous injuries I feel most people’s pain and can easily relate to them.” Rav is not ready to turn his back on TV, though, and even plans to launch his own medical show.

Callous theft of charity cash to feature on BBC's Crimewatch Roadshow today - according to Yellowad

“When Hannah decided to fundraise I was so proud. The money was to help other families receive the free support that we had. They have to raise £46,000 every week to provide this care for children and their families.


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