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Cleaning Up

Cleaning Up is British Drama TV series. It premiered on Jan 09, 2019, on ITV. The series has 6.2 * rating by IMDb.


Cleaning Up Number Of Seasons: 1 (6 episodes)

Season 2


Season 1

Season premieres on January 9, 2019

Finale: February 13, 2019

ITV, 6 episodes

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Cleaning Up is on ITV (United Kingdom) Wednesdays at 9 pm

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S1E6 () - Air Date: Feb 13, 2019 (9 days ago)

News & Interviews

Cleaning Up star Jade Anouka responds to the ITV show's mixed reviews - Radio Times - via Radiotimes

“I’d rather have people love it and hate it than having everything beige. Actually, the response that I’ve received, not that I’ve sought out responses, but the stuff that’s come to me has all been really positive.”

Sheridan Smith on Cleaning Up, being "more grown up" and her therapeutic album - Radio Times - via Radiotimes

ITV viewers pan Sheridan Smith drama Cleaning Up as 'far-fetched' - Daily Mail - via Dailymail

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Featherstone added: “It’s very much about that invisible workforce. I love the scenes at the beginning when Sam is leaving and all the people in the suits are coming into the city and she has been working there all night, which is what people do overnight.

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ITV drama Cleaning Up shocks with episode three cliffhanger - - via Digitalspy

Of course, the phone wasn't password-protected and Sam was able to get in and access all his contacts. She then made the bold move of calling Swanny, the man Blake had been working for, and setting up her own meeting with him

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