Who is in Her Yerde Sen

Her Yerde Sen characters

Demir (unknown episodes) - Furkan Andic

Selin (unknown episodes) - Aybüke Pusat

Burak (unknown episodes) - Ali Yagci

Ayda (unknown episodes) - Aslihan Malbora

Ali Gözüsirin - Ibo (unknown episodes)

Ali Barkin - (unknown episodes)

Deniz Isin - Merve (2019) (unknown episodes)

Cem Cücenoglu - (unknown episodes)

Aziz Caner Inan - (unknown episodes)

Ayfer Tokatli - (unknown episodes)

Fatih Özkan - Ferruh Ozerdim (2019) (unknown episodes)

Ayse Tunaboylu - (unknown episodes)

Binnur Serbetçioglu - (unknown episodes)


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