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Cannon Busters

Created by Lesean Thomas. It first aired on Apr 01, 2019, on Netflix.


How Many Seasons In Cannon Busters: 1 (1 episodes)

Season 1

Season premieres on April 1, 2019

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Cannon Busters is on Netflix () s at 6 pm

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Cannon Busters Season 1 Episode 1 (TBA) - Air Date: Apr 01, 2019

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News & Interviews

LeSean Thomas On 'Cannon Busters' And Black Fantasy Characters - ComicsAlliance - via Comicsalliance

I do try to engage people because overall whether your male, female, black, whatever, being an artist is still a confusing occupation. It's not seen as a lucrative career move still to this day, believe it or not. These kids are growing up and they have the obstacle of dealing with their parent's approval and then their environments approval. Anyone who comes out of that and survives and actually makes a career out of doing it, they've been through some real stuff most of the time. It helps to have someone who's relevant and I will say that I am relevant speaking to them.

Netflix Announces 'Cannon Busters' Release Date - - via Comicbook

LeSean Thomas On Netflix's Upcoming 'Cannon Busters' And The Creative Cross-Cultural Future Of Anime - Forbes Now - via Forbes

'Cannon Busters' Offers A Tentative Glimpse Of The Future Of Anime - Forbes Now - via Forbes

Netflix Orders LeSean Thomas' Cannon Busters Animated Series - CBR - via Cbr

Netflix Is Trying To Corner The Anime Market In The West, Starting With Titles Like 'Cannon Busters' - Forbes Now - via Forbes

It also shows that Netflix ignores the whole perception game nonsense that has plagued anime and manga in the West for decades. In that, the perception is manga and anime are a niche market for weirdos that can be easily dismissed.

Satelight's Thomas Romain and LeSean Thomas (Cannon Busters) coming to AX 2015 - Inside AX - via Anime-expo

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The Netflix Original Anime Shows You Should Binge-Watch in 2019 - via Fandom

Cannon Busters Animation Kickstarter Launches With International Team - Anime News Network - via Animenewsnetwork

Follow the adventures and exploits of S.A.M, a high-end, royal-class friendship droid who's joined by a quirky, discarded maintenance robot and a brash, deadly fugitive. Together, the unlikely trio embarks on an unforgettable journey in a fantastic and dangerous world in search of S.A.M's best friend, the heir to a powerful kingdom under siege.

'Cannon Busters' Anime Looks To Merge Eastern And Western Creative Sensibilities - Forbes - via Forbes

Netflix Announces Cannon Busters Release Date - via Cbr


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