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Camp Camp

Camp Camp is American Comedy TV series. Created by Miles Luna. Produced by Rooster Teeth Productions. Stars: Michael Jones, Miles Luna, Elizabeth Maxwell. It debuted on Jun 10, 2016, on Rooster Teeth. The series has 8.0 * rating by IMDb.


How Many Seasons In Camp Camp: 4 (46 episodes)

Season 5

Rooster Teeth

Season 4

Season premieres on June 1, 2019

Rooster Teeth, 8 episodes

Season 3

Season premieres on May 25, 2018

Returns: October 5, 2018

Finale: December 8, 2018

Rooster Teeth, 14 episodes

Season 2

2017, Rooster Teeth, 12 episodes

Season 1

2016, Rooster Teeth, 12 episodes

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Camp Camp is on Rooster Teeth (United States) Saturdays at 6 pm

Last episode:

Season 4 Episode 8 () - Air Date: Jul 20, 2019 (4 days ago)

News & Interviews

Camp Camp Holiday Special Clip: Neil Prepares for Hanukkah - - via Collider

“It’s Culture Day at Camp Campbell, and the kids find themselves drawn to Neil’s Jewish ancestry. Neil gets carried away with the story of Hanukkah. Meanwhile, David tries to get everything ready for the big Culture Day feast!”

Rooster Teeth Trailers 'Camp Camp' Season 2 - Animation Magazine - via Animationmagazine

Camp Camp centers on Max, a jaded 10-year old who finds himself stuck at the most dysfunctional camp known to man. The young cynic must survive the annoying cheerfulness of counselor David, as well a lava pits, abandoned mine shafts, a vengeful squirrel and his weird fellow campers before he can make a break for home.

Season Review: Camp Camp Season 3 - according to Bubbleblabber

The finale, however, does have me a bit concerned. Not because it wasn’t a fine twenty minutes on its own, but for what it might mean going forward. While it will be interesting to see Campbell in a more frequent position on the show and hear more of the sultry tones of Travis Willingham, it kinda feels like we’ve just used up the last big finale premise that this material allows. The camp has now nearly shut down, let all the kids go to the camps they intended, and then brought them all back, so where can you go from there to top it? Beyond finally meeting Max’s parents, bringing back the foreign kids, and maybe telling David about Jasper’s death (which he will no doubt shrug off), we’re kind of backed into a corner for how to best proceed with this series, if there is a way at all.

Daily News Bytes: 'Camp Camp' S3 Trailer, 'Simpsons' go to Upfest, Hannibal Buress Joins Adult Swim Fest Lineup ... - via Animationmagazine

“Bioworld is a best-in-class company and one of the most respected in our industry. They specialize in creating sensational, eye-catching top-notch designs especially geared to appeal to young adults. Our many young Geronimo Stilton fans in India are certain to be as excited about the apparel as much as we are,” said Marco Piccinini, Atlantyca’s licensing manager.


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