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Buck Commander

Buck Commander is American Action TV series. Produced by Warm Springs Productions. Stars: Chipper Jones, Ryan Langerhans, Adam LaRouche. It first aired on Jun 30, 2010, on Outdoor Channel. The series has 4.5 * rating by IMDb.


How Many Season Does Buck Commander Have: 8 (35 episodes)

Season 9

Outdoor Channel

Season 8

Season premieres on June 26, 2017

Outdoor Channel, 8 episodes

Season 7

Season premieres on June 27, 2016

Finale: September 5, 2016

Outdoor Channel, 11 episodes

Season 6

2015, Outdoor Channel, 11 episodes

Season 5

2014, Outdoor Channel, 4 episodes

Season 4

2013, Outdoor Channel, 1 episodes

Season 3

2012, Outdoor Channel, 1 episodes

Season 2

2011, Outdoor Channel, 10 episodes

Season 1

2010, Outdoor Channel, 10 episodes

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Buck Commander TV Schedule

Buck Commander is on Outdoor Channel (United States) Mondays at 6 pm

Last episode:

S8E8 (Off Limits) - Air Date: Aug 14, 2017 (about a year ago)

News & Interviews

Buck Commander men bag deer, pull pranks - The Daily Advertiser - via Theadvertiser

“It’s a chess game,” LaRoche added. “We’ll all meet up back at camp after the day’s hunt to go over strategy. Who’s seen the deer? Should we be hunting the timber or food plot or water? There’s a genuine excitement when we’re talking about the hunt.”

Remington Signs Sponsorship Agreement with Buck Commander TV Series - AmmoLand Shooting Sports News - per Ammoland

Although the name “Buck Commander” was first coined by Phil Robertson, better known as the Duck Commander, Buck Commander was formed by Willie Robertson and MLB superstar Adam LaRoche. It has since evolved to also include current and former MLB superstars Ryan Langerhans and Tombo Martin and country music stars Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean. The Buck Commanders and their crew pursue deer all over the country, capturing many of their hunts on video for their TV show and DVDs.


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