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Broken People

Broken People is American Comedy TV series. Produced by Abso Lutely Productions. Stars: Jared Nigro, Taylor Orci, Brandon Routh. It first aired on Jul 20, 2015, on Comedy Central. IMDb's user rating for the series is 6.6 *.


Broken People Number Of Seasons: 1 (3 episodes)

Season 2

Comedy Central

Season 1

Season premieres on July 20, 2015

Comedy Central, 3 episodes

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Broken People is on Comedy Central (United States) s at 6 pm

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S1E1 (Smoking) - Air Date: Jul 20, 2015 (4 years ago)

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Broken People Apply Here - Huffington Post - via Huffingtonpost

Be it through job loss, illness, economic hardships, infidelity, substance abuse and/or a combination of any or all of the above, we have found ourselves in the throes of chaos. Our lives, once profoundly stable, have become like quicksand, offering scant, random places of solid ground. The world as we knew it, swallowed us, chewed us up and threw us up to the wind; scattering our essence across the vistas and plains, with no semblance of wholeness. Yep, we're broken here.


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